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International Students' Union of Norway, Lakkegata 3, 0187 Oslo, office:
+47-98 22 59 98
open: 09:00 - 14:00
email: nationalsecretary {replace with @-sign} isu-norway.no

org.nr: 892 438 072

On this site, you will find information related to our National Assembly, our member organizations and our national board. There are also links to relevant information for international students in Norway.

ISU Logo Design Competition
ISU Logo Design Competition

  ISU Norway is looking for a new logo, and we want YOU to help us design it! We'll be giving away movie tickets for each accepted submission, and a grand prize of 2500NOK for the winning entry! Please read the details and rules below.
At our first ISU Leadership Meeting in Oslo (LM1), the delegates from all ISU Local Branches voted in favour of re-branding ISU as an organization. The first step in this process is to develop a new logo that can be adopted by all ISU Local Branches in Norway, to present a more united, stronger image of our organization.
For the Logo Design Competition, we will be accepting one submission from each active ISU Local Branch. Interested individuals are encouraged to submit a logo design to the leaders at their Local Branch. Local Branch leaders will then decide on the best logo to submit to the competition, and the creator of that submission will receive a movie ticket to their local cinema as a reward for their participation!
The ISU National Board, with the help of the Logo Committee selected at LM1, will then select the 5 best designs, and present them to the delegates at the second Leadership Meeting in Gjøvik (LM2) where we will vote on our organization's new logo. The creator of the winning submission will win a 2500NOK cash prize!
In addition to their best submission, Local Branches MAY also choose to recommend their existing Local Branch logo to be considered in the competition. These recommendations will NOT be rewarded with movie tickets, and are NOT eligible for the 2500NOK Grand Prize.
Participants must live in Norway to be eligible for prizes.
The deadline to submit a Logo Design to your Local Branch is April 13th.
Once again, here are the steps to participate!
  • Submit a logo design to your local branch by April 13th.
  • Your Local Branch leaders will select and submit one logo design, which will be rewarded with a movie ticket.
  • The ISU National Board and Logo Committee will choose the 5 best submissions, to be presented at LM2.
  • ISU delegates at LM2 will vote for our new logo! A Grand Prize of 2500NOK will be awarded for the winning submission.
GOOD LUCK!! If you have any questions please contact our VP of Public Relations, Leah Hayward, at pr@isu-norway.no.

Solberg: Norway needs smart foreigners
Solberg: Norway needs smart foreigners

  Norway’s Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, wants to make it easier for highly-qualified workers to immigrate to Norway. Her plans include accelerated immigration procedures for qualified experts, and allowing pre-approved employers to jump the queue. Solberg hopes that this will allow Norway to attract higher-quality international talent. Read the article in The Local online magazine. January 8th, 2014.  
ISU Norway opposes the proposal for the introduction of tuition fees in Norway for international students from outside the EU and EEA
ISU calls to abandon tution fees for international students

  Last week the government announced a proposal to consider the introduction of tuition fees for international students. ISU Norway takes a particular exception to this development and calls on all student organisations, partners and stakeholders to cooperate to discuss and highlight the consequences this proposal will have on Norwegian universities, Norwegian society and businesses, should it be implemented. ISU Norway calls on the Government to abandon this proposal as this proposal not only puts a dent to the equal opportunities and rights to education policy embodied into the Norwegian society and system, but it’s also discriminatory, given that Norway is hailed world-wide as custodians of human rights and free education. Read more in the press release. November 12th, 2013.  
A New National Board of International Students’ Union of Norway
A New National Board of International Students’ Union of Norway

  The new board was elected on 20th of October during its annual National Assembly, which was kindly hosted by Oslo and Akerhus University College of Applied Science. As usual National Assembly was a great opportunity get together delegates and observers from most of the universities and university collages of Norway, exchange ideas and experiences, get to know each other, solve ongoing issues.
See the new board presentation at our National Board page, or read the full press release. October 20th, 2013.  
Abbas Sharif, ISU Norway President, emphasises the shared belief between NSO (Norsk studentorganisasjon) and ISU Norway in representing the interests of students in Norway
NSO's National Executive Committee

  At NSO's National Executive Committee (1) 27th – 29th September 2013, Abbas Sharif, ISU Norway President, emphasised about the great benefits to both organisations and strengths of working together towards their shared belief in representing the interests of students, making a real difference to the lives of students and member students' organisations, collective organisation and democratic participation on campuses. Read more in the attached news item. October 5th, 2013.  
Abbas Sharif, ISU Norway President, promises closer cooperation than before at NSO (Norsk studentorganisasjon) KICKOFF 2013
NSO's Kick-off 2013 conference

  ISU NORWAY participated NSO's KICKOFF 2013 conference of the representatives of the organisation and partner organisations held at Jessheim on 9th and 11th of August. The aim of the conference was to bring together NSO, ISU Norway and interested organisations with the inspiration to have the best possible cooperation, the tools to embark to the new academic year and put together joint plans for cooperation in the future. Read more in the attached news item. August 7th, 2013.  
Survey: Perspectives of International Student Migrants in Norway
Please fill the questionnaire (you do not need a little dwarf for that)


Dear current International Students in Norway!

ISU Norway kindly asks you to follow the following link: www.surveymonkey.com/s/intstudents with questionnaire about the perspectives and experiences of international student in Norway.

The survey is anonymous. The report will help ISU understand the positives and negatives of studying in Norway and better formulate a policy that represents the views of all international students in Norway.

Thank you all :)
June 6th, 2013.

ISU Norway Team in Aarhus Case Competition 2013
From NSO meeting   On April 8th, members from ISU Norway Daniel Hernández Iniesta (ISU Stavanger, Spain), Louise Porup Alstrup (ISU Harstad, Denmark) and Ajmal Hafeez (ISU Agder, Pakistan) participated in the business case competition "Aarhus Case Competition" that was held in Aarhus (Denmark). Aarhus Case Competition is an annual competition for Nordic business students. During the ACC week, the participating teams will have to solve two introductory cases and one extensive 30-hour case (in Aspire Case Camp it is only 24 hours), and present this to top professionals.
Daniel, Louise and Ajmal have been selected as one of the 9 teams out of 50 applicants from Nordic countries.
They were the only team selected from Norway and have participated as representing ISU Norway.
The aim of the competition is to offer students an inspiring experience and an opportunity to develop their business skills. The participation has been extremely positive in terms of team work, and learning from other participants, as well as improving leadership skills and talent development from the assistance of different workshops by Quartz+Co, Deloitte and Arla, the seminar "Talent Development" by Rasmus Ankersen (Professional Talent coach) and Jais Valeur (Executive Vice President of Arla). Aarhus Case Competition has created a friendly environment of cooperation between all participants. ISU Norway team have explained the importance of international students and the work ISU Norway and the local branches are doing towards a positive integration in Norway. Morten Andreassen (Head Coordinator at Aarhus Case Competition 2013) expressed that the organizing committee enjoyed ISU Norway’s participation. The three members of the team delivered great solutions, and improved a lot throughout the week. Furthermore they have shown eagerness to learn, networking with others and in general create a great atmosphere for all of the participants.
May 6th, 2013.

Integration of international Students in Norway Resolution Adoped by the Norwegian Students Organisation’s Convention in 2013
From NSO meeting

  As one of the closest partners of the Norwegian Student Organisation(NSO), International Student’s Union of Norway participated as an observer at NSO’s National Convention 2013, that was held in Tonsberg from 11th – 14th April.

ISU Norway introduced the resolution calling for more to be done on Integration of International Students in Norway. The Resolution believes that international students should enjoy equal opportunity Regardless of their race, religion, gender or social background.
  • Free tuition fees for all international students: NSO Leadership to continue its campaign for free higher education.
  • Facilitate social integration through more inclusive education of both Norwegian and international students, as well as better and more allocation of housing and language courses offered to the laughter.
  • Liberalized training and employment policies and Regulations enable two international student two Maximize their exposure two Norwegian society and culture through internships and employment.

Read the full resolution for more. April 21st, 2013.  

ISU-Norway is against application and tuition fees for international students
ISU is against tution fees

  In recent times, the press has carried reports about alleged proposals to introduce tuition fees and application charges on International Students intending to study in Norwegian Universities.
This has been mainly due to the fact that both Denmark and Sweden have introduced tuition fees for international students.
The events in Sweden have triggered agitation among political parties and a minority of notable student organisations for Norway to follow the example of Sweden. Some have actually gone to the extent of proposing the introduction of student application fees for international students!

Read the press release for more. March 8th, 2013.  
ISU NORWAY AT NSO Ls 3 February 08th–10th 2013
ISU-leder Abbas gjester #lsnso.  Opfordrer til samarbeid mellom studentparlamentene og de lokale ISU-avdelingene. pic.twitter.com/07K8WNH1

  ISU Norway participated in the Norwegian Student Organisation’s (NSO) just ended Ls 3 (3rd General Delegates Meeting) at Thon Hotel, Halden. NSO is ISU’s closest working partner and ISU has an observer status to all NSO’s board meetings. In attendance were delegates from all the Higher institutions in Norway, partner organisations, Trustees, National Board and Workers from the NSO secretariat. On the whole, it was a very productive weekend with very positive and progressive deliberations. The main issue that concerned ISU Norway was the International Platform. NSO reaffirmed its commitment to free education indicating that "Higher education should be the overall responsibility of the state, and the state should ensure a society that is not characterised by social and economic class distinctions. The introduction of tuition fees will make education available to the elite, not the masses. It is not an end in and of itself that everyone pursue higher education, but everyone should have the same opportunity to do so, regardless of social and economic status. Education is a powerful tool to ensure social mobility and the introduction of tuition fees will weaken the principle of equal opportunity."
Read the full story. February 14th, 2013.  
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Merry Christmas

 ISU wishes you all the best in 2013! 
ISU Stavanger triumphs elections for the student parliament at University of Stavanger
ISU Stavanger representatives

  In the recent election for the Student Parliament of the University of Stavanger (UiS), ISU Stavanger managed to get two representatives elected: Daniel Hernández Iniesta and Kristina Anette Vaeng. Now that ISU Stavanger is in the Student Parliament it is aim is to represent and speak on behalf of all students and raise issues concerning the general welfare of the student masses. In addition to this, the representatives from ISU Stavanger will be especially concerned with internationalization and the political and welfare rights of international students studying in Stavanger, this includes issues such as living conditions, accessible campus with all necessary information in English and social interaction and integration between Norwegian and International students. Read more: ISU STAVANGER TRIUMPHS ELECTIONS FOR THE STUDENT PARLIAMENT AT UNIVERSITY OF STAVANGER, November 25th 2012.

ISU Norway elects new National Board 2012/2013
National board 2012/2013

  On 21st October the International Students’ Union held its annual National Assembly, which was kindly hosted by University of Bergen. National Assembly marks a great event for all delegates and observers, not only because it is a great platform to gather international youth and exchange ideas and experiences, visions, solve current issues and welcome new branches, but also to elect a new National Board. The elections were presided by former ISU Norway Presidents, Eton Williams and Farshad Tami. They took particular care that all election procedures and Constitutional provisions were followed. This resulted in a new National Board of five:
National President: Sharif Abbas Ahdal - UK (University of Tromsø)
1st Vice President: Lusine Harutyunyan - Armenia (Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences)
Vice President of Public Relations: Iuliia Vinnik - Ukraine (Telemark University College)
Vice President of Union Development: Francis Jagri – Ghana (University of Agder)
Vice President of Academic Affairs and Welfare: Glennda Villaflor – Philippines (University of Tromsø)
Read more: ISU-Norway elects new National Board, and A story on new branches
October 25th 2012.

ISU-Norway Meets with Ministry of Education and Research
Ragnhild Setsaas

  John Ganyo, the National President of ISU-Norway accompanied by Jorid Martinsen, Officer of Welfare and Equality of NSO, and by Isaac Wanasolo, Secretary for Academic Affairs and Welfare of ISU-Norway met with the delegation of the Ministry of Education and Research of Norway - Ragnhild Setsaas, State Secretary for the Minister of Education and Research Kristin Halvorsen, responsible for policies related to research and higher education and Ingebrigt Holmen, financial adviser to discuss many issues relevant for the well-being and general situation of the international students in Norway. Among the issues were the increase in English medium courses/internationalisation, increase in Quota scheme beneficiaries, residence permits/renewals, discussion of ISU financial situation and the future, and housing guarantee. Please read more details here:
Minutes from the meeting with Ministry of Education,
read also: Memo to Ministry of Education, October 17th 2012.

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